FCC Chairman Pai Announces the Appointment of CNX Founder Brian Mefford to the FCC’s Broadband Deployment Advisory Committee

FCC Broadband Deployment Advisory Committee member and CNX CEO Brian Mefford to make recommendations that shape investment in broadband infrastructure across the U.S.

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April 6, 2017 – Bowling Green, Kentucky. FCC Chairman Ajit Pai announced that CNX (Connected Nation Exchange) founder and CEO Brian Mefford has been appointed to the newly formed FCC Broadband Deployment Advisory Committee (BDAC). The formation of the BDAC is an important component of Chairman Pai’s Digital Empowerment Agenda, which is aimed at accelerating the deployment of high-speed internet or broadband across the U.S. The BDAC’s purpose is to make recommendations for reducing or removing barriers to the investment in broadband infrastructure.

Given Mefford’s track record of innovation in broadband policy, expansion, and application, policy makers registered their support of his role on the BDAC. Senator Mitch McConnell and Representative Brett Guthrie, both of Kentucky, submitted letters of support encouraging Chairman Pai to appoint Mefford to the committee.

In his letter to Pai, Congressman Guthrie wrote “He [Mefford] has extensive experience working with public-private partnerships involving a range of stakeholders at all levels of government and spanning from trade associations and community groups to rural and urban service providers.”

Currently, Mefford is enabling cities to more efficiently expand fiber networks, deploy 5G wireless coverage, modernize infrastructure ordinances, and manage the onslaught of applications for small cell cites through CNX’s Smart City Infrastructure Program. That program helps incentivize private investment in broadband that benefits communities. The program helps cities work with broadband providers to both connect and beautify the city by using existing assets (street lights, traffic signals, etc.) for broadband build-out rather than installing additional and traditional cellular towers.

About CNX:

CNX expands broadband opportunities by providing broadband public-private partnership expertise, including technical and financial modeling and feasibility analysis, complete planning and project management, design and engineering services, and network operation and monetization support resulting in new services for communities and faster time to market for broadband and communications providers. More information at www.cnx.io.