Smart Cities Council Event Calls CNX a “Game Changer”

Civic technology leaders give CNX top honors for its innovative technology at the Smart Cities Council event in Silicon Valley.

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May 11, 2017 – Santa Clara, California. Judges in the Innovation Alley at this week’s Smart Cities Council Silicon Valley event named CNX (Connected Nation Exchange) one of two winners in its evaluation of civic-minded innovators.

According to the Smart Cities Council press release, one judge called what CNX is doing “to help cities unlock the value of their publicly owned assets for broadband expansion ‘a true game-changer.’”

“Every new frontier has its trailblazers that go out and find paths that will lead the rest of us to a better place,” said Smart Cities Council Chairman Jesse Berst. “We are so pleased that we can showcase some of these pioneering companies and their inspired efforts to promote more livable, workable and sustainable communities.”

“The CNX team is honored to come to Silicon Valley, the heart of global innovation, and be recognized by the Smart Cities Council with this Innovation Alley Award,” said CNX CEO Brian Mefford. “Smart cities require intelligent infrastructure and this recognition highlights the need for a platform where cities can collaborate with companies seeking to invest in communications networks – whether 5G, sensor-based, fiber optic or all of the above. CNX is proud to have created just that platform which provides the proverbial win-win for the public and private sector leaders who are driving network-dependent innovation in cities.”

Themes for the 2017 Innovation Alley included open government and community action. Winners embodied the following characteristics according to the Smart Cities Council:

• Embodies technology that makes governments more effective

• Contributes to improved public safety, health and wellbeing and/or conservation of resources

• Promotes or enhances the infrastructure needed for the smart city of the future

• Facilitates transparency of information, decision making and policy

• Strengthens citizen participation in civic life

• Supports economic opportunity and equality

The number of characteristics that described the entrant and the extent to which the characteristics were embodied determined winners.

About CNX: Smart cities require intelligent infrastructure and next generation broadband. CNX unlocks the value of publicly-owned assets (light and utility poles, Rights of Way, street furniture, rooftops, etc.) that are sought by broadband service providers, wireless carriers and other smart city solutions providers seeking to deploy 5g, small cell antennae, sensors, and fiber optics in order to build the intelligent infrastructure that serves as the foundation required for smart cities to thrive. Through its software platform, CNX provides a “one stop shop” for collaboration between cities and companies seeking to use public assets for building and expanding communications networks. The CNX platform enables greater visibility into asset locations and meta data, streamlined workflow and processing of site permitting applications, and seamless transactions pertaining to the use of city properties. More info available at