CNX Founder Brian Mefford Appointed by FCC Chairman Ajit Pai to Key Committees Charged with Shaping Model Broadband Deployment Code

FCC Broadband Deployment Advisory Committee member and CNX CEO Brian Mefford to serve on key model code subcommittees to make recommendations that shape broadband deployment regulation for states and cities.

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May 17, 2017 – Bowling Green, Kentucky. FCC Chairman Ajit Pai announced that CNX (Connected Nation Exchange) founder and CEO Brian Mefford has been appointed to two high impact subcommittees of the recently formed FCC Broadband Deployment Advisory Committee (BDAC). From among the BDAC members, Mefford has been chosen to serve on the Model Code for Municipalities and the Model Code for States committees.

According to a FCC notice, the BDAC’s mission is “to provide advice and recommendations to the Commission on how to accelerate the deployment of high-speed Internet access.” The Model Code for Municipalities and the Model Code for States committees will shape recommendations for how cities and states can best manage and accelerate broadband deployment. State and municipal governments have struggled to effectively manage the recent increase in wireless broadband deployments. The Model Code committees will bring recommendations on how to reduce or remove barriers to the investment in broadband infrastructure.

“Many states and cities are considering updates to regulatory codes that dictate how and where broadband networks can be constructed as those codes are either obsolete or silent on the current challenges hindering the expansion of broadband,” Mefford said. “All cities want and need to be smart cities. Better public private interactions will be required in order to get there. There is a path that both protects local and public priorities and also proliferates broadband. I am honored to serve on the model code committees to help map that path.”

Mefford brings more than 15 years of experience in navigating important regulations that shape broadband expansion at both the local and state level, as well as from the public and private sector points of view. Senator Mitch McConnell and Representative Brett Guthrie, both of Kentucky, submitted letters of support encouraging Chairman Pai to appoint Mefford to the committee.

Mefford is leading CNX to enable cities to more efficiently expand fiber networks, deploy 5G wireless coverage, modernize infrastructure ordinances, and manage the onslaught of applications for small cell cites through CNX’s Smart City Infrastructure Program. That program helps incentivize private investment in broadband that benefits communities. The program helps cities work with broadband providers to both connect and beautify the city by using existing assets (street lights, traffic signals, etc.) for broadband build-out rather than installing additional and traditional cellular towers.

About CNX:

Smart cities require intelligent infrastructure and next generation broadband. CNX unlocks the value of publicly-owned assets (light and utility poles, Rights of Way, street furniture, rooftops, etc.) that are sought by broadband service providers, wireless carriers and other smart city solutions providers seeking to deploy 5g, small cell antennae, sensors, and fiber optics in order to build the intelligent infrastructure that serves as the foundation required for smart cities to thrive.

Through its software platform, CNX provides a “one stop shop” for collaboration between cities and companies seeking to use public assets for building and expanding communications networks. The CNX platform enables greater visibility into asset locations and meta data, streamlined workflow and processing of site permitting applications, and seamless transactions pertaining to the use of city properties. More info available at