The CNX team is passionate about improving broadband and helping communities.

All across the country, we are searching for people with the same passion to join our growing team. Do you have experience working for a broadband provider or wireless career to lease assets for a deployment? Or do you have experience working for a government where you were involved in the cell tower siting and permitting process? Do you have experience brokering assets? If your background fits this or a related field, please send us your LinkedIn profile.

Why Work at CNX?

CNX is a fast-growing company with an exciting opportunity to transform how municipalities improve broadband by unlocking their under-utilized assets. As a company, we value simplicity, teamwork, honesty, and open-mindedness. We work hard to make it easier for municipalities to lease their horizontal and vertical assets.

CNX offers a great benefits package and the flexibility to work remote. Our headquarters are in Bowling Green, KY, but many of our staff are located close to our municipal clients to reduce travel costs and to better serve our customers.

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