A Powerful Tool at Your Fingertips

Our platform works behind the scenes helping you save time, expand your broadband network, and grow your revenue. While the platform benefits are extensive, our customers continually mention these positive aspects.

Improve planning: We provide a single view of important city assets for cross-departmental sharing and planning.

Stay Current: The CNX platform will help you keep current with federal goals which seek to incentivize municipal participation in the federal broadband asset mapping initiative.

Go Faster: We help you create a “Fast Track” experience that will streamline the process to lease government owned assets.

Cut Costs: Not only does the platform show CNX assets but other public and private telecom assets are often accessible. Construction, planning, permitting and other city projects can save time and money in researching the location of assets in the ROW.

Grow Revenue: Through identifying, aggregating, and marketing your unused telecom assets, we help you generate new revenue.

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