Finding, Marketing, and leasing Your Telecom Assets Has Never Been This Easy

The CNX Asset Platform is a cloud-based software that brings cities and providers together to lease and find telecom assets. At a glance, the platform works by:

Performing asset valuation and data analytics

Streamlining and standardizing all telecom applications

Marketing and promoting of your asset inventory

Pricing different asset types for leasing.

Using our software platform, CNX identifies, maps and assesses the value of city-owned assets (fiber optics, buildings, towers, signage, raw land, utility poles, Rights of Ways, etc.) then markets and brokers transactions with commercial broadband providers and others interested in using these assets to expand networks.

Broadband providers can easily search the most detailed and accurate database of available sites and network assets. The CNX Asset Platform displays broadband coverage and overlapping market dynamics from the top U.S. markets helping providers move quickly and gain a competitive advantage.

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