CNX leaders have worked creatively to solve broadband challenges in communities across the nation and around the world for the past 15 years.

Today, the broadband landscape varies dramatically from city to city, even neighborhood to neighborhood, all while cities are seeking to encourage public and private collaboration to increase investment and optimize the impact of broadband across all stakeholders and segments of the local economy.

An environment that promotes broadband public-private partnerships, as well as interdepartmental and interagency collaboration, will generate shared connectivity solutions.

We foster public-private
partnerships by:
  • Helping You Build the Right Team
  • Identify the key players on your broadband expansion team.
  • Unify your mission across multiple departments and agencies.
  • Clarify your message among all key community stakeholders.
  • Creating a “Fast Track” Program for Broadband Providers
  • Streamline the process leasing government owned assets.
  • Create attractive leasing terms consistent with market norms.
  • Ease restrictions on municipal use of assets for commercial purpose.